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GPS in funbook p250General

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  1. jazzzzzzz

    jazzzzzzz Member

    Can anybody confirm that funbook p250 alpha have gps or not?

    Flipkart and saholic say it have gps support.

    But micromax official buying site ncarry says it does not have that support....am now totally confused....if there is gps then am going to buy it and sell my p300 funbook

  2. Favas

    Favas New Member

    Me also wanna know the same
    Does Funbbok P250 have GPS or not
    I googled a lot and most of the reviews says it has GPS with A-GPS support
    but the official site does not.
    and inquired about it at Chennai Store they also said that it has no GPS and Bluetoth...
    I really wanna know it, if it has i am going to buy it
    Pls somebody check it and let me know......
  3. Favas

    Favas New Member

  4. AndriodFan123

    AndriodFan123 New Member

    No, it doesn't have a GPS option

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