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  1. martingroso

    martingroso Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm not sure if to buy the Nexus 7 yet (it looks amazing, JB looks awesome and the price is great), but before going for it, I have heard that some Android devices have really crappy built in GPS (like the transformer prime, which if I'm not wrong, is an Asus as well).

    So what I would like to know is. Is the GPS in Nexus 7 good?

  2. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    I do not have my Nexus 7 yet (being delivered tomorrow), but i may be able to answer at least part of this.

    coming from The Transformer Prime, GPS, bluetooth and WiFi radios both suffered it seamed, because of the thought to make the entire tablet out of aluminum. This may have have caused a frequency reflection problem and hurt their full potential. on the other hand, the N7 is all plastic, again with GPS, bluetooth, WiFi, and now NFC radios so this device shouldn't suffer the same fate.

    when i get mine out of the box (lol, unboxing videos) i plan to attempt to install Navigon and a gps testing app with WiFi off to get a better idea of signal strength and time to lock, since it doesn't seam to have been investigated yet. I will update when i find out unless someone gets to it first. And to answer any other questions or thoughts, yes I do plan on using this as a backup GPS unit if it will let me.
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  3. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Well-Known Member

    So far, it seems fairly accurate. It was also accurate on my Asus Transformer. So I don't think one can write off Asus and GPS. Now I'm researching offline navigation apps to use with this.
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  4. martingroso

    martingroso Well-Known Member

    Thanks to both of you guys, appreciate your help ;)
  5. William T Riker

    William T Riker Well-Known Member

    GPS works flawless on my N7, locks nearly instantly. On my Prime it never worked straight out of the box.
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  6. martingroso

    martingroso Well-Known Member

    Ok awesome, I'm getting this tablet ASAP! ;)
  7. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    Indeed the gps works great on wifi BUT I am a bit confused as to how to use it with no wifi and to get performance equal or better than a new garmin or tomtom. I know its cpu is far better than a g or tt, I just do not understand how they work without a data connection.
  8. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    All the maps are stored on the device itself. With Google maps, all the content is downloaded, with a TT (or an offline navigation app for the N7) all the content is stored on the device.
  9. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Keep in mind you can also cache a significant amount of maps for use offline.
  10. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    GPS fine for me too, and I was indoors
  11. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    What does this mean regarding nexus 7 with its limited storage?
  12. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    I don't thing you can use real time navigation though can you? Just directions?
  13. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    You can get navfree from the market, and you download maps onto your device. UK map was somewhere between 300mb and 500mb, so not taking up too much space. It's all free too. Works well on my galaxy note.
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  14. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    It does not allow a huge map to be downloaded, so storage is not an issue.
  15. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    Cool! Downloading that now, thanks.
  16. TauxiC

    TauxiC Well-Known Member

    If I am not mistaken, if you cache the largest area you can, it will take up ~80MB each time from what I have read.
  17. Grok451

    Grok451 Member

    I'm a little confused with how offline GPS works too. I downloaded a map area. It seemed to be limited to about 35mb, but covered a fairly large area, maybe 50 x 50 miles. Additional map areas can be downloaded and each area can named. I had somewhere to go so I tried out the GPS. I used the included Navigation app to get directions and off I went.

    I used the 'Follow the Route' option. I wanted an alternative route but couldn't figure out how to do it. No problem, this would be an opportunity to see the GPS do re-routing on the fly. GPS followed my driving, but at about 15 miles out, I deviated from the GPS route. I expected it to re-route, but it didn't and soon the map displayed progressively became obscured and I got some message about 'data connection' not being available. When I got to my destination I opened Google maps and it found my location, but when I tried to get directions for home, it said it required a data connection. I left Google maps on and as I drove home, it followed my location flawlessly.

    So is a data connection required to get actual directions and/or to make course corrections, even though an offline map is being used?
  18. VicMatson

    VicMatson Active Member

    Are you guy's talking about Google Navigation or Google Maps?
  19. Grok451

    Grok451 Member

    I'm talking about both. I started with Google navigation. When it stopped working I switched to Google maps.
  20. nobody9

    nobody9 Member

    The GPS works great! Even within my house. The apps for offline use still need some work. The Google Now turn-by-turn directions, for instance, works fabulous (i.e., intuitive, responsive, and informative) except that it seems to only save part of the selected route-map locally. Thus, once you get past the area that it saved (i.e. by some unknown default), the GPS still shows where you are relative to the path that you selected, but it will stop showing you the other roads, waterbodies, etc along the way (until you re-connect the wifi). Thus, you'd have to switch back to your offline Google Map to see your local detail, which is fairly easy to do but then you loose the ETA clock and the live upcoming-turn-suggestions.

    The free Co-Pilot GPS app overcomes this limitation except that I couldn't figure out how to make it automatically stay centered on my current location. Plus the app is not nearly as responsive as my other apps -- most notably the Google alternative. It's not very intuitive either. Perhaps the paid version does more -- though the quirky behavior gives me pause to even try it. And perhaps others can comment on how other apps work.

    Long-story short, there's not reason to believe that Google and other apps will soon overcome these current shortcomings. I fully expect the Google directions to get even smarter, and soon.
  21. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    You have nothing to worry about, it locks on instantly
  22. Nutz

    Nutz Well-Known Member

    Tried mine yesterday inside a train - metal box with metallic ant-glare windows and it worked perfectly. I certainly couldn't do that with TF201!
  23. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

    I tried out the N7 on a one hour journey at the weekend using Co-pilot GPS (free in the app store, although I have the almost essential
  24. drunkenmax

    drunkenmax Well-Known Member

    I've just driven all over Northern Italy with CoPilot Live on my Galaxy Note and it was great ( especially the tunnel simulations) . I'm guessing it will work well with the Nexus 7 as well
  25. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    As far as I can tell, yes, that's the case for Google Maps.

    You can cache map data, but it only caches the actual map itself. It doesn't seem to be able to do directions if it's not connected to the internet.

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