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GPS inaccurate after baseband was upgraded (Browse All)

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  1. mecasull

    mecasull Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 24, 2010
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    so when the baseband on my phone went from 1 to 3, my GPS has been wonky. Previously, it had put me in exact rooms of the house +/- 5 feet. after the update it put me maybe 60ft away. This is a minor-ish annoyance as i believe it compenasates and snaps to the street when using navigation...

    however, when i visited NYC, it was an utter mess. it would throw me on the other side of the block, and was frustrating to use.

    anyone have any suggestions? I've heard of some "offending apps" that mess up GPS locks, but this was literally after I did the upgrade to the baseband...


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