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  1. magevet

    magevet New Member

    had Gingerbread installed on my Samsung Galaxy S (unrooted) last week; GPS won't lock since (or would take up to 45 minutes to lock). Anyone else has experienced this? and ideas for a fix?

  2. Rash

    Rash Well-Known Member

    Well I remember back in the days when I was flashing various versions of GB firmware, from what I remember most firmware prior to xxjvt many users experienced bad gps.. :mad:
    The only advice I can give is try "faster fix" app see if that helps..
    As you are not rooted you can't flash any custom mods/fixes..
    Your best & last resort is update firmware to latest gingerbread like 2.3.5 xxjvt OR better try gingerbread 2.3.6 xxjw1..Google realised many users had gps problems..which they fixed in these firmwares..

    Can you post your info:
    Phone & model
    Firmware version (look in settings> about phone) note everything..
    See if can help you ;)
  3. magevet

    magevet New Member

    Thanks for the willingness to help :)

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S
    Model number GT-I9000
    Firmware version 2.3.3
    Baseband version I9000JIJV9
    Build number gingerbread.JIJVG

    Thanks again!
  4. Rash

    Rash Well-Known Member

    As above (you see on very old firmware & no wonder you experiencing GPS problems)..

    Okay have you tried using the "faster fix" app or any other to help your GPS..??

    Would you like to update your firmware, if yes which firmware..??
    Very importantly what country do you live, as that will determine the correct firmware files for your phone region..!!

    (have you done any research via Google to update your phone)

    Lastly..try connecting it to Samsung kies and update firmware for your phone..!!

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