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  1. cody11

    cody11 Member

    Hi all,

    I asked this question on another source, and never did get an answer. On the 100 tablet since it is WIFI, I find using the GPS as useless. True you can get direction before leaving home, but as far as a voice and direction while traveling it is not possible because it can never get a signal. Right? So if this is true, why do they even have a voice GPS at all. Is there anything you can get to make this work? Probably if it was connected to your computer would it work? Then even if they could do that, I would imagine it would be costly. Has anyone done this and how did they do it. Thanks

  2. Dolph144

    Dolph144 Member

    I've used the GPS on the A100 using Sygic, and it seems to work decently. It takes a little longer than my TomTom to aquire the satalites, and it lost the link once or twice, but soon reestablisted it. It's not as sensetive as my TomTom, when you make an unexpected turn when you have a route planned, it takes it a few seconds to realize you turned onto a different road.

    This is without using wi-fi(had airplane mode on to be sure), and took about 2-3 minutes from a cold boot to aquire the satalites.
  3. cody11

    cody11 Member

    Hi Dolph,

    So what you are saying is that sygic is basically its own GPS, right? So it isn't the one on the tablet itself. I think it's like getting a new GPS from an app which means you pay for it monthly? Am I right. Thanks
  4. dchamilton

    dchamilton Well-Known Member

    The gps on this tablet work just like my android phone. It uses satellites for the gps to work. It does not need a wifi connection.
  5. AndreQ

    AndreQ Member

    I don't agree. It works perfectly fine.
  6. Dolph144

    Dolph144 Member

    Sygic is just the software, it still uses the GPS hardware in the device. As far as I know, there is no monthly fee for Sygic, you just pay for the map packs(which are reletively cheap). You can download a free trial of it from the Android Market.
  7. mobilemail

    mobilemail New Member

    I chose the A100 over other tablets partly because of the built in gps. I'm a road warrior, so I run copilot on my tablet for navigation daily. I have learned not to depend on cloud-based mapping if you are making interstate trips.
    By the way, my first post on this forum. Hi y'all
  8. SamZzz

    SamZzz Member

    I just tether it to my Android phone. :) I've heard there are apps that will either cache maps data or let you download entire maps for use offline as well.

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