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  1. dan76n

    dan76n New Member

    I'm having troubles getting a lock on GPS with my Z1 compact.
    I am using Garmin Fit and runkeeper.
    I am able to get a lock if I first use "GPS status" app and reset the GPS data then downloading it again.
    Or I can ride/jog 200 mtrs or so down the street with Garmin fit/runkeeper running and it will pick it up. If I just sit in the front yard and wait it takes up to 5 minutes to connect if I don't do either of the above.
    It's got to be a software issue as I'm currently sitting inside and the GPS has connected. I have nothing outside that is blocking the signal.
    Any ideas on what will fix this and make my experience more user friendly?
    I've come from an iphone 4 which would connect with no problems at all.

  2. dan76n

    dan76n New Member

    Ok, I think I have fixed this now.
    I have turned off "my xperia" and am using "android device manager"
    Since doing this 2 days ago I'm getting a GPS lock within 10 seconds and without using GPS essentials.
    I'm hoping this had something to do with it and it's not just a coincidence.

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