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  1. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Hi, I recently bought this phone without any data plan for monetary reasons, using only Wifi at home and at school. However, before buying it, I was given to understand that it was possible to load maps onto the phone or a memory card so I could use mapping software and the GPS without any data usage. However, I have no idea as how to do this, as I wanted to install the app from this page, but it just won't. Here are the links:

    Instructions: Mobile GMaps - Stored Maps Tutorial
    Place to download maps and converter: Map Creation Tool for MGMaps

    Website to download the application: Mobile GMaps

    My guess is that "jar" files can't be used with android, which is a big let down for me. Is there any way to do something like that on Android 1.5 ? Aps, something?

    Also, I went to school today, and I couldn't see my school's network! There are 3 networks, one of which I can use as a student (and I use it on my laptop, I know it works fine on iphones), and it had to be the one not available. I tried to connect to the visitor's network, which has the same security as the one I want to log onto, but I had to ask for permission and could only use it for 8 hours. Internet works fine on both the visitor network and my home network, so I have no clue why i can't see that other wifi network.

    Last, but not least: I read somewhere that some users were getting the official 1.6 update over the air or something, is that really gonna happen? Because I'd love to update mine, but I'm not really willing to root it or do stuff like that.

    Here are my info:

    Android 1.5

    On Bell Canada network.

    A big thanks to whoever answer any of these questions! :D

  2. adrianoftyriel

    adrianoftyriel Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about stored google maps, but you can get canadian maps for copilot (about $35 USD) and NDrive (about $20 USD). Both of which are GPS turn-by-turn navigation programs with decently detailed maps for Canada. I currently have NDrive installed with the free trial for the Canadian maps and it's decent.

    As far as upgrading to 1.6. This can be done with Odin without rooting your phone, just make sure to read the notes about Bell Canada users flashing your phones.


    Also, about WiFi spots. I've found that the reception for WiFi is uncomparable to laptops, and is not even as strong as an iPhone.
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  3. beitinsw

    beitinsw Well-Known Member

    For pre-loading hiking maps I use RMaps on the phone together with Mobile Atlas Creator on my PC. You create a "Big Planet SQLite" database of maps in Creator and copy that SQLite file onto the internal SD card (for me it's I:\rmaps\maps). The list of maps you can choose from is extensive.
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  4. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    I tried doing that, it just won't work. I downloaded the program and read the README file, and it said that I needed to download sqlite_jni.dll and put it where Mobile_Atlas_Creator.jar is located, which I did, but it still says that I need the SQLite database file to be able to save my selection as a "Big Planet SQLite".

    Maybe Windows 7 is the problem? Help please? :D
  5. beitinsw

    beitinsw Well-Known Member

  6. ramon gonzalez

    ramon gonzalez New Member

    Hi: I had a similar problem, but you can get rmaps in android market (no cost) or maverick (about $5 USD) and then you need to get a program called "Mobile Atlas Creator", you launch the program and basically all you need to do is to select the map source (googlemaps, micros, ovi, etc) and at the bottom you see "format", you scroll until you find the type of map you want (either maverick r rmaps, whatever you downloaded). You have to scroll with the mouse the size of region to download the map, and select the different zoom levels you want to have. And click on "create atlas" and there the program builds the map (time depends on the zoom level you want, i you need very "street level" use zoom 15 or 16 (I don
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  7. qwerty100

    qwerty100 Well-Known Member

    Try "MapDroyd" from the market. You download the app, and then a little companion app that deals with the maps. You select the country you want, and the whole map is downloaded to the SD card. (but do this over WiFi as the maps are 100's of MBytes)

    Also really useful if travelling abroad, as you don't want to pay the extortionate data charges

    You can then use GPS for your location. No driving directions, but this is a real MUST HAVE app for when you are lost, and have no data signal, (interestingly both situations seen to happen together...)

    Hope it helps, has saved me on a few occasions.
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