GPS/Music/Basic questions on N1 from iphone user.

  1. Akieva

    Akieva Member

    Hi everyone,just had a few questions for the Nexus one users.

    I'm getting bored and just bleh with my Iphone. Its jailbroken and all but the interface is not as exciting as it once was. But it is essential in my daily routine.
    I.E. I use it as my Ipod in my car and when studying etc. I used to own a G1 before my Iphone and loved it. I'm fine with the music player on the android os.

    Also, I have Tomtom on it and use it for long road trips to places.

    I've scanned the internet looking for some questions to be answered but haven't really found any results. Thought I'd test my luck with you guys.

    So my questions are....

    How long is the usual battery life when you use it as your music player?

    How is the GPS reception on ATT? Out of town and in town?

    I'm about to sell my Iphone to a friend for a Nexus one.

    With most of the video reviews I've watched they usually don't go over any of topics from above.

    So thanks in advance to whomever replies. : )

  2. jbarrack

    jbarrack Active Member

    Not sure about battery life using the built in media player --- However, I can tell you about the GPS. It works 10x better than Navagon did on my iPhone 3GS. I too have ATT --- I'm in the New York/New Jersey Metro area. I dont think the gps has too much to do with what carrier you use. But tested the google maps navigation the other day and it was perfect. It never jumped my location around or said I was on a road that was close to my actual location. Two things my iPhone GPS always did. Hope that helps.
  3. Akieva

    Akieva Member

    Ahh. Perfect!

    Yah,when I used Navigon on my 3gs it would ditch in and out as well as jump around.

    Well, I'm really glad to hear that the GPS isn't as wonky/

    How does EDGE do with loading maps and such?
  4. jbarrack

    jbarrack Active Member

    Surprisingly not that bad. EDGE is manageable on the Nexus One --- Its all about location, location, location though. Some spots are better than others ... the phone is awesome though. I would really like to have my at&t 3G back but I'll live.

    Top things I miss about the iPhone:
    Battery Life
    App Selection
    Media player
    Keyboard (the on one N1 is the closest to the iPhone's as far as use-ability but its quarky when using in bed --- Seems to be a very common problem on many forums)

    If you have any other questions let me know --- I'm in the same boat as you going from 3GS to N1
  5. konman795

    konman795 Well-Known Member

    I use to be in Chicago, now in New Orleans and Baton Rouge on T-Mobile service without signal problems whatsoever, my two roommates also use AT&T and they seem to get full bars everywhere as well. As far as the GPS with google I've ever used, didn't lose my location and gave me accurate directions everywhere, and it's free :D I've been through a day using my nexus one playing slacker radio using navigation and answering phone calls (basically heavy usage) and it lasts through the day but it's in the red when I get back so a recharge after heavy usage is necessary every night.
  6. Akieva

    Akieva Member

    Great to hear!

    The main thing that concerns me is using it as a media player and draining all its battery.

    But as you described with heavy usage, it sounds like it can hold up.

    This is a pretty dumb question but is the Nexus one still rootable like the other devices?
    Cuz when I had my G1, I loved how you could dink around with the devices internals and such.
  7. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Yeah those people in XDA has rooted Nexus One, but there is no full custom firmware like Cyanogen yet because the full source of 2.1 hasn't been released (only SDK so far) :eek:

    They have mini addons, however
  8. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    yes root in less time than it takes to DL the zip.

    same here on the G maps, att edge.
    media player does seem to drain it, way less if gps and wifi are off.
    I haven't had any battery problems. Some heavy use here and there, use it in one vehicle as a player, not 100% of the time though.
    fact is though, if it gets low plug the charger in to cig lighter at the same time.
  9. Akieva

    Akieva Member

    Sweet. But we can expect one in the near future?

    Thats the one thing i loved about my G1 was messing with it a ton as opposed to a jailbroken Iphone where you had to tip toe around everything.

    Was going to say,if it does get a little drained when using it in my car as a player I can just get a car charger for it.

    I'm sold. : ) Looks like I'm selling my Iphone tonight and placing my order.

    How long did it take you guys to get your phones? : D

    And most importantly,what are some cool apps for it? Since I've kinda been out of the android ling-o for a while.
  10. jbarrack

    jbarrack Active Member

    Next day --- I ordered it the Tuesday it was released and it was at my door Wednesday by 1. Free shipping too!
  11. Akieva

    Akieva Member

    I saw that the fedex over night was standard! : D I'm stoked.

    I cant wait for it!
  12. jbarrack

    jbarrack Active Member

    Yeah just make sure you are home to get the package because they make you sign for it. Otherwise you have to sign the slip and they leave it the next day --- You can always pick it up from your closest FedEx location after like 6 P.M.
  13. konman795

    konman795 Well-Known Member

    I recommend getting the Rocketfish mirco usb car charger from Best Buy if you're going to buy from retail, it has a thick coiled up cord, the cord comes out angled, and a nice light indicator too.

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