Gps navigation that stores maps on sd card?

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  1. mike390

    mike390 Member

    Is there an app for gps navigation that stores the maps on the sd card like a tom tom would instead of using data plan?

  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Yes, several - the one that comes to mind is CoPilot Live
  3. gaanrowl

    gaanrowl Active Member

    im looking at copilot at the minute. can it be bought form the market??
  4. mfgarcia

    mfgarcia New Member

    Look for Ndrive
  5. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Yep. Maps get downloaded separately though.
  6. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    I use Sygic Mobile Maps. their support is much better than copilot. Can't be bought fom the market - buy it direct. Not cheap but very good.

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