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  1. jage9

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    I'm looking for a GPS app that would be of particular benefit to the blind. Basically, I would like the ability to set a point using an address, latitude/longitude, or marking the current position, and then be able to navigate directly to that point using a point and shoot approach. In other words, you would have a list of the nearest points or could search for one, and then it would tell you, 330 feet straight ahead, or 0.4 miles west 274 degrees. Perhaps it could integrate with an API like Foursquare to search for nearby businesses and add them as points, or import one of the standard data formats, such as what's used for Google Transit. Menu options or hotkeys could provide info like current address, speed, nearest intersection, etc.
    In searching, the closest thing I found were some geocaching apps that perhaps could be expanded to do this, and various navigational apps focused on streets. Willing to work with a developer on this, and this could perhaps be a paid app, as blind people would likely pay for something if it was well executed.
    Looking forward to any ideas.


    BRIXTON Member


    I have constructed a number of Android apps and would love to help out with this. If you want to shoot me an email, we can talk on some specifics:


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