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  1. Bruce_205

    Bruce_205 Active Member

    I bought a TBolt off a friend and discovered that it appears that the GPS does not work. It shows "on", but it does not see or lock onto any satellites. This means my location in Maps is off a bit, although sometimes its pretty close because I have Google Location and VZ location settings on. GPS does not work on Navigation either.

    I tried several things, including the GPS Toolbox app, and it does not help. I have read that some of the early TBolts have this issue.

    One question is, if I root the phone and flash a new radio, would that help? Is the GPS function part of the radio?

  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    did you try to do a factory data reset? might help you. rooting and a custom rom *could* help too.
  3. Bruce_205

    Bruce_205 Active Member

    Yeah. When I got the phone I'm pretty sure he reset it. I had to get a brand new sim card from VZ, and after I activated it had the factory wallpaper and no extra apps so I think it was in a "new" state. The software did not do any OTA updates since I got it though. And the sd card is not his either, it is mine from the Droid X.

    About rooting: Do I need to flash a new ROM in order to get a new radio, or can I flash a newer radio with the stock ROM?
  4. Bruce_205

    Bruce_205 Active Member

    Here's something else I've discovered. The GPS actually came alive but it seems to happen way more frequently when I have the extended battery installed regardless of how much charged it is. I have a Seido battery and rear cover. I use the GPS Test app to check my satellite reception. When I put the HTC battery and stock cover back on, I rarely pick up a signal and if I do its only 1 satellite. Then I can swap batteries & covers and frequently, but not constantly, I'll pick up 6,8, or more satellites and get a good enough lock that I can use Navigation. Why would the battery & cover make a difference?

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