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  1. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Does anyone's GPS automatically lock on right off the bat?Mine takes a couple of minutes sometimes 5 minutes

  2. williegeorge

    williegeorge Active Member

    Mine generally locks in 5-15 seconds. It seemed to me like it took longer until i turned off the Verizon AGPS.
  3. ozzy8160

    ozzy8160 Member

    my gps is so horrible it normally takes 45 mins at least to lock on i've given up on even trying to use it :mad:, i've tried messing with the gps settings with no luck
  4. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Since the ICS update and my third Lucid(1st bricked cause I was stupid,2nd didn't let me update to ICS) it's been a lot better
  5. ozzy8160

    ozzy8160 Member

    i agree since ics it is better but when im out and need to know whether to turn right or left i need to get that info in less than 2 mins most of the time i will use someone elses phone for gps

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