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  1. MonkeyDot

    MonkeyDot Member

    Hi, I created this thread after looking around for a solution for 2 hours.
    My GPS basically isn't working. The icon in the notification bar is empty, not blinking or full. When I pull it down it says searching for GPS signal, but never ends.
    This happens in every app using gps.
    I have v4.2.2
    It's also not a hardware issue, some time ago (maybe before I updated to 4.2.1, it was working)
    Help? This is really really frustrating me.

  2. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

  3. MonkeyDot

    MonkeyDot Member

  4. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have had it happen before. Required several reboots before it started working again. I may have had to do a factory reset. Hasn't happened since.
  5. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    You cleared the A-GPS data and everything? That part is very important.
  6. MonkeyDot

    MonkeyDot Member

    I did a factory reset, still not working.

    Yep, more than 10 times if that's relevant
  7. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Not sure if you are rooted but have you tried rolling back to an earlier rom like 4.1 or a custom rom to see if it works?
  8. MonkeyDot

    MonkeyDot Member


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