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  1. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    Hoping some of you very helpful RAZR MAXX HD owners can give me a quick review of the GPS on the phone. I have never had a Motorola Android phone (have always had HTC), but it's time for an upgrade and I am torn between the DNA and the RAZR MAXX HD. I am am avid golfer, and use a GPS app for it. Fast locking GPS is a big issue for me. My Inc4G locks onto GPS almost immediately. Even indoors, it's literally 1-3 seconds. I want to be sure that any replacement phone has similar GPS abilities.

    So, what's the deal with the RAZR MAXX HD and GPS?

  2. batwings1

    batwings1 Well-Known Member

    My RMH has been very quick to lock in GPS. Much better than my old HTC Incredible and Galaxy Nexus. Others may have other experiences but I have no complaints in this area.
  3. hansangb

    hansangb Well-Known Member

    no issues on my RMHD as well. Well within a few seconds. I've never measured it, but the navigation or google maps never has a delay in locating my location.
  4. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    I have never had any delay or issues with the Motorola phones and specifically the Razr MAXX HD locking in with the GPS. Motorola makes the best radios in the business.
  5. skinien

    skinien Well-Known Member

    GPS on my RHDM works flawlessly. My advice: if you're looking to use the GPS for 18 rounds outside (where brightness is usually going to be max on a sunny day), you might be stuck charging the DNA in the clubhouse after the first 9.

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