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  1. indtram

    indtram New Member


    I wanted to know if I can use my Tab for GPS Driving Instructions ???

    The Tab has a GPS Sensor and all Software can be added from the SD Card.... so can it e used as a Daily Driving aid ??

    If YES !!...what Software would you recommend. What accessory will I need...If any ????

    I have downloaded Sygic but am quite unaware how to use it !!!

    Earlier I had downloaded the FakeGPS Location from Android doesnot work !! It gives the message " Force Close"

    To check if the GPS Sensor etc was working ...I downloaded the GPS Stat and it detects 8-10 Sats and Locks my position perfectly.

    That is why I wanted to know if I could use for my Driving Assistance or no !!!!

    I have upgraded to the latest Android v2.2 3965 on the Tab.

    Looking for some feedback from the learned .


  2. HeavyDTheOgre

    HeavyDTheOgre New Member

    You will need a Downloaded map, or have internet available.

    I plan to do the same thing.
    Havnt found and map software yet - but am sure its out there.

    I can also use my cell phone as a personal hotspot for internet.
  3. indtram

    indtram New Member

    I have downloaded the maps and software etc. but some how or the other I am unable to use it.
  4. HeavyDTheOgre

    HeavyDTheOgre New Member

    Have u tried to go into the setings so the mapping software knows it there?

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