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  1. AaronC

    AaronC Member

    As I understand it the Atrix works as any other GPS device would. In other words it just has the receiver and it doesn't use mobile networks or any other data besides GPS.

    My question is can I go roam about town and use my GPS without any charges from ATT.

    I'm using google navigation and google earth. I assumed that if I just looked around the map a bit while connected to wi-fi it would download and store the information I need to use about town (then I could use it without any data connection). I never use the mobile data, so when I'm outside of wi-fi I have no data connection.

    I could still use GPS though correct? Assuming the maps WERE indeed stored on my phone.

    If it doesn't work as I assume it does (the maps aren't stored on the phone) then is there a way to ensure that they are? So I can use GPS outside of an internet connection.

    Thanks very much for any replies, greatly appreciated.

  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    The maps in Google Maps/Nav. is not stored on the phone and therefore use mobile data to download the maps to your phone. (You can test this out by turning off either mobile data or turn on airplane mode.) You can pre-cache sections of google maps to use for offline use. I'm not sure if it will pull up details of stores and such.
  3. AaronC

    AaronC Member

    Thanks guys, big help much appreciate it.

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