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  1. jl_678

    jl_678 New Member


    I travel quite frequently and have been testing the Atrix as a replacement for the Tom-Tom GPS I normally carry. My first purchase was the car dock and in general the combination works well. However, I have an issue where the Google Navigation drops GPS and sits there searching for GPS. My thought was that the problem relates to lost line of site to GPS satellites, but the phone never appears to reacquire the satellites and sits there saying "Searching for GPS" in perpetuity. It is bothersome.

    I found a manual solution (disable and then re-enable GPS), but the manual intervention defeats the purpose of hands free navigation. Does anyone else see this? Any suggestions for a work around?

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  2. velvetelvis

    velvetelvis Active Member

    mine was doing that today. i did the disable and re enable the gps and it would work for a bit then start searching again. i restarted my phone and it stopped disabling the gps. hopefully that will work for good.
  3. ECdOc

    ECdOc Well-Known Member

    Had the same problem using mine as a gps, not sure of a solution but i'd be interested to find out.

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