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  1. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I've a question about the GPS receiver (antenna) of this device.

    Before I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 but I sold it because I need the money.

    You think the GPS of this device is similar like the SGS2 or not?

    Is it quit ok or is it bad?

    Please your comments about this,

    thanks in advance

  2. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Nobody any idea???
  3. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Already 66 views and no answers?????????


  4. nicnoc

    nicnoc Member

    In what way do you mean, for example for google navigation?

    Anyway I've found it as good as sgs2 for pinpointing location and navigation. Hope that helps

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