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gps without data roaming

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  1. jeza64

    jeza64 Member

    hi.is it possible to use the gps function on my hero without data roaming on so i can use it abroad without incuring charges,like you would with a stand alone gps unit???

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Yup, GPS is separate from data, so it will work with everything else disabled. And because it's a passive process, you're just listening out for the GPS signal that's always there, it's free.

    However, if you're intending to use a map once you're in another country, and want data off, make sure you've got the map data of your location stored to the sdcard. (I'm not sure if the official gmaps app will offer that. I think it got added but our phones may not have the newest version).
  3. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    As Xyro says GPS is a passive system that has nothing to do with your mobile data signal. But in order to make any sense of it you need a map. These can either be downloaded (via your mobile data connection) as needed, which is the system the Google Maps and Google Nav uses. Or they can be stored on your SD card, like proper navigation software (and your stand alone GPS unit) does.

    At the moment sat nav apps with reliable and extensive maps cost money. I would recommend that from Sygic (they don't sell in the Market), or Copilot, which is cheaper but the interface is less intuitive. If you are used to Tom Tom then Sygic would be the best
  4. jeza64

    jeza64 Member

    i don't really want it as a sat nav car style, more like a garmin trecking type gps?? any ideas? also how do i download maps ,once i've found them,onto the memory card?
  5. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    As I said you first need to find an app that will read maps, then choose the map they use. Trecking maps are especially difficult. First because they do not have the mass market appeal of car based sat nav, and can be more expensive. Secondly because such maps, with all their tracks and paths, use more storage. Thirdly often such maps are country specific. So you can pick up OS Maps for UK but not the rest of the world.

    I suggest you go over to PocketGPSWorld and have a look at some of the forums there, which deal with all sorts of sat nav software.
  6. nellisere

    nellisere Well-Known Member

    you may want to use a offline map app to use maps, or get co piolet for sat nav, and i would recommend turning off use wireless networks in the locations settings as that does use data, so disable use wireless networks, enable use GPS satalites :)
  7. zimon

    zimon New Member

    what if I want to use data roaming only for A-GPS but not for anything else? If there isn't even any WLAN networks in the area, cold starting GPS-location system can take a long time, especially in cloudy weather.

    There should be a separate switch in the settings to 'use roaming only for A-GPS'

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