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  1. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    I tried to search, but GPS is to short a string, rummaged back 3 months, didnt see too much...

    I was using google maps today, and it never seemed to locate me correctly. In bumper to bumper traffic. I always showed me 1/4 mile off...

    Should I use a different app or something, I JUST got the data service today. Never played with a phone as a GPS device before....


  2. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

    You do have "Use GPS satellites" checked in the Settings>Location and Security.....?? If so, then.....

    Accuracy depends how many satellites your phone can see at the time, if you are amongst buildings it may not be that many. (sat dish/flashing green symbol in notification bar for geolocation).

    The "data" part is only necessary to download the map relevant to your location - don't think it is used to actually locate you.
    Of course, all good spies know that your carrier can locate you using triangulation from network feedback from it's transmitters/masts, and wifi networks will know where you are...hello, big brother!!

    Have a play with your phone in other places - use "My Tracks" (free from Market) which gives you notification of it's accuracy whilst you are using it - it'll get to within 10 yards in my experience.

    Have fun!:D

    Edit: the 1/4 mile off isn't a Maps issue - didn't mean substitute My Tracks for it - I use My Tracks for walking and cycling.
  3. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    you was right... Der!
    Thanks for the tips!!
  4. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

    Lol, your comment has been framed, presented to my husband, and may be used in evidence :D :D

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