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    May 9, 2011
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    My gps is not working someone deleted my gps map file from the memory card now i had a copy on my pc and copied again and now its not working. Any one knows what to do. when i enter the map, its flashes and get back to menu. any solution for me plz

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    May 23, 2011
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    You probably forgot to set the correct file permission on the map file after you copied it back to the SD-card (just a guess). If you have any other maps in your phone check the file permission for one of thoose and replicate the permissions to your "recovered"-map.

    King-bob made a tut on how to install google-apps on LePhone, that deals in part on how to poke around with file permissions (if you are new to it).
    check: for more info.

    if that dosent work, reinstall the map in the same way you got it =)

    If that dosent work, reinstall the app. If the app you are talking about is the map-software that came with the phone, you can reinstall that by extractracting it from the "lenovoapp.img" file located in the ".lenovodata" folder on the sd card. [Advanced]

    Easiest way to do that is by adb (you have to start adb in root mode).
    open a shell and make a renamed-copy of the "lenovoapp.img" to a (a folder of your chooise). decrypt it (/system/bin/encrypt -d imagename.img decryped_output_img.img).

    Pull that file to your pc (or copy it from the sd card) and change the suffix from .img to .tar.bz2 and unpack it. copy the gps-software (the apk) back to your phoe and install it ...

    Hope that helps =)

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