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  1. VentureForth

    VentureForth Well-Known Member

    Anyone have trouble with their GPS? Worked fine the first week, now not so much...

  2. razholio

    razholio Well-Known Member

    nothing I would call 'problems'. if I haven't used it in a while it will sometimes take a few extra seconds to lock, especially if I'm in a new place, but that's just the nature of GPS. the Google maps blue arrow usually snaps into place (at least getting me on the right road) within 5 secs or so. what issues are you seeing? keep in mind that you will need to spend up to 2mins calibrating GPS anytime you relocate (it takes longer if you move further away). For example, I had to open my GPS app and let it calibrate for a minute or so after moving from UT to OR, and then back again.
  3. jswiss8608

    jswiss8608 Member

    The first time I used my GPS on mine was last sunday and it took about 5-10 minutes to find and lock onto my location. I was in the car when I kicked it on. I am assuming this is not normal?

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