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Graphic Glitch -FIX-

  1. dro420jr

    dro420jr Active Member

    Some of you may have encountered screen flickers, stutters and visual artifacts while using other roms besides the stock based.
    I did some trial and error tests of switching out firmware files with no success, flashed ics adreno update packages with no success...

    -Used Es File Explorer/Manager-

    -Came across the few things that are flashed and replaced when switching roms or flashing said update packages. The "egl" folder along with c2d2.so, libgsl.so, libopenvg.so and also libsc-a2xx.so.

    -My fix for this was to extract those same files I named, from any stock based (preferably the JMZ stock roms) and completely remove the "egl" folder and the ".so" files mentioned above in (system/lib/)

    -Replace the removed/deleted files with the stock ones, set the permissions of the "egl" folder to "rwx r-x r-x", also the files inside permissions need to be set to "rw- r-- r--". With the ".so" files, set the permissions to "rw- r-- r--".

    I'm sorry I don't have any pictures or even video to guide you through this.
    If this doesn't fix the visual artifacts and stutters, I apologize. These small changes fixed my problem and I'm sharing my fix in the hope of helping many others.


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