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Gravity Fights - FULL version

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  1. fadosoft

    fadosoft Active Member

    Hi, folks!

    It's just a pleasure to announce the release of Gravity Fights in the FULL version.


    Inspired by the Amiga classic GRAVITY FORCE, the new Android Game Gravity fights is a great psychedelic experience.
    Planet Synapsys is an involving planet populated by the infinite sides of reality in the space of an insane mind.
    To let the energy flow in the planet, you have to shot all the triggers of illusion that fragment the space of mind.
    When the door is open, jump in it for a new state of mind.

    The feedbacks we got for the FREE version were VERY useful to tune our new concept of accelerometer-based controls. Thank you all!

    We also put a video on Youtube to show how the game works:

    YouTube - Gravity Fights test drive

    You can play it in any position you like, and it self-tunes, except while lying looking at the ceiling (with some phones). Don't play with your phone underwater please. ;)

    Better if you have a fast phone.

    We hope you'll enjoy the ambience, the original soundtracks and the psychedelic artwork, directly from the (insane) minds of Al Scocco and Sir Vizio. :cool:

    Android games - GRAVITY FIGHTS
    Android games - GRAVITY FIGHTS

  2. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    I dont understand the Steering but the idea ist really cool
  3. fadosoft

    fadosoft Active Member

    What's exactly that you don't understand?

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