'Gravity Rotation' app (useful in bed!)

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  1. riesdepies

    riesdepies New Member

    Hi there!

    When you use your Android device while laying on your side you are forced to lock the screen orientation into portrait or landscape mode.
    As you may have noticed, locking your orientation doesn't always work as you would expect. Some apps do not respect the lock.
    There are many apps available that try to solve this problem but I haven't come across an app that uses the solution that I think is the most simple and elegant: virtually rotating gravity by 90 degrees!
    This app would allow you to keep auto-rotation on and would only have two modes: clockwise rotation and anti clockwise rotation (depending on what side you prefer to lay down).

    I think 'Sideways' could be an appropriate name for the app.

    Hope you like the idea,


  2. riesdepies

    riesdepies New Member

    Humble bump...
  3. Yes, interesting idea!
  4. Altruis

    Altruis Member

    There's an app on playstore called Set Orientation. Have u tried it? Cheers
  5. sampalmer

    sampalmer New Member

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