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Great App Idea!!!General

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  1. finnaginagain

    finnaginagain Well-Known Member

    So this may sound stupid to some but i think it would be a great idea.

    So you are going out to eat and its like 7 on a sat night ( real busy) so you have to wait and they give you the vibrating, lighting thing letting you know your table is ready..

    Why not make an app that outback, applebee's, chilis and other eatery uses where they have like the app's main hub an it opens up on my phone and notifys me when my table is ready

    because with the vibrating thing you can only go so far. this way i can go to the mall or walk around before the table is ready. I know there is alot of reasons to why this wouldnt work but i just thought it would be a cool idea and wanted to share it

  2. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    that is actually pretty cool, this should be in the app forum but it is a great idea.
  3. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

  4. jblac15

    jblac15 Member

    That's a pretty good idea. Ive been to a few restaurants that are near malls etc.. that will just call you when you're table is ready.
  5. karib

    karib Well-Known Member

    That is a great app idea... make it happen man!:D
  6. finnaginagain

    finnaginagain Well-Known Member

    Well there is an outback right next to a mall near where i live but i can never go walk around because they do not call and the announcer or the vibrating thing wont go 20 feet past the front door so yeah this would be a great app
  7. T2noob

    T2noob Well-Known Member

    Thats asking way to much on the restaurants part I doubt this will happen....at least any time soon.
  8. Either a call or a text, yeah, it would be a good idea.
  9. finnaginagain

    finnaginagain Well-Known Member

    i dont really see how tho? i mean push a button it pops up on my phone my table is ready.. you know how many of those vibrating things they lose a year? they could use that money to invest in this
  10. Bishop

    Bishop Well-Known Member

    I think you should've kept that idea to yourself!
    Then developed it, and probably make a whole lot of money just from the idea. Wish I would've thought of it!
  11. finnaginagain

    finnaginagain Well-Known Member

    i dont have the means to develop an app but i will look into. lol i shared it for the greater good of android users if someone makes it, it helps us all
  12. timmywa

    timmywa Well-Known Member

    Why not an app that can trigger your pager to go off??
  13. alexhendershott

    alexhendershott Well-Known Member

    Great idea, but I have to agree you should have kept it to yourself! I have a book dedicated to just ideas I come up with in hopes of me carrying through with them one day. The book goes everywhere with me, ideas come from the craziest places.

    Back to your idea though, I'm wondering if cell reception would be a liability. Obviously I have to say it would. Say Outback Steakhouse paged you, and it was green on their end, but then it got lost due to cell reception or loss of data to your phone. You come back 20 minutes later wondering why you've never been called and come to find your table has been given away. This would bring up a scenario that would have to be dealt with in one way or another. I think the benefit to those pager systems in house is that they can maintain responsibility, knowing that if something goes wrong and you don't get paged, it was their fault.

    Just a thought, but if you're serious about pursuing the idea, write up a business plan first, and stop talking on these forums. :p
  14. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    A great idea for you if you're the one being paged.
    Not so good of an idea for you, if you're the one waiting for a table AFTER the group that's currently in the mall. Johnny's in the record store, Suzie's hangin' with some friends she bumped into in the food court, and Mom & Dad are standing in line at the Verizon store waiting to ask someone when the 2.1 OTA is going to happen.

    So now it's 15 minutes later and they're just strolling up to the podium to say 'you paged us'. Meanwhile you've been looking at the empty table in the restaurant wondering why they're not seating you. Nope, that'd cause more problems for the restaurant than it would solve...

    Didja notice how a sneakily made this into a new 2.1 thread??? 'Cause we can't have too many of those! :)
  15. n1ghtwish

    n1ghtwish Well-Known Member

    ^^ (regarding alex's post) Well that could always happen with the pagers too, I mean even if they can see that your pager is out of range, what are they going to do? If they want the business, they're going to give your table to the next customer.

    BTW this is a fantastic idea!! It really would not be incredibly hard at all - SMS server on their end, SMS activated popup on your end, bam!! done!

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