Great but short window of opportunity for sony ericsson. Will they deliver?General

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  1. Ok, Sony Ericsson (SE) needs to release their X10 now! Come on SE, the pickle has marinated enough already.
    Give HTC, Motorolla, and LG a month from January 5 and before you know it, they

  2. jaymelu

    jaymelu New Member

    Im thinking about buying it, but im not sure if its going to be a good phone to have. everyone is focused on the Htc phones everything else doesn't seem to get all the good roms.
  3. i suspect that people are excited about the X10 not because of its UI but mostly because of its specs! once people get their hands on it, you can be certain that the wizards at xda will hack it and so will everyone else.

    the sad thing is that while people are excited about the hardware, SE is too caught up with their UI. think of it this way: the X10 in terms of hardware has been ready for release for a long time now; think of how amazingly advanced the device would seem had it been released in the fall of 2009. the x10 is so advanced that even now, after the droid and N1, the device still seems competitive; but not for long i am afraid because HTC spits out phones like crazy. SE has a problem now: it dug itself into a deep hole, and that hole is called mediascape/timescape. basically, they came up with an unrealistic, visionary, and extremely graphic-intense UI that they just cannot seem to wrap their heads around. now you have this great device that is dying to be released and yet it is shackled by an intractable UI. it seems that SE either had a problem understanding the limitations of android 1.5/1.6 or there is some serious disconnectedness between the software and hardware engineers at SE.
  4. Amdroid

    Amdroid Member

    I want it for the camera specs. Ive never been that impressed with HTC's offerings in this department.
  5. utopial

    utopial Active Member

    i dont think the camera on the x10 is going to be that great. it doesnt have a xenon flash most importantly. megapixels dont mean much. google for some sample fotos - they look pretty ordinary. im worried about the pics at night since it only has a led flash

    the satio and syber shot series are specialist camera fones, so should be similar to a compact camera. but even compact cameras suck compared to SLRs.
  6. it dont matter anyways cus the phone won't be available state-side before april. i guess it is now a fact that the folks at SE are brain dead and unable to release a good product in a timely manner. oh well...looks like i'll be downgrading from mt3g back to a regular dumb phone until the iphone comes out on t-mo......

    i am done with the android frustration.....
  7. utopial

    utopial Active Member

    yeh i read that it'll be released in Canada in Q2, but that doesnt mean it wont be released in other places around the world earlier and then u can buy it online
  8. wishful thinking my friend; read the press release again. not only will rogers be the one and only in canada, but it will also be the FIRST to release this phone in north america. this means that the phone is coming out on rogers before anywhere in the u.s. so you're looking at july.

    SE sucks.....they truly suck. a lot of people predicted this though, siting the debacle with the X1... the X1 supposedly was delayed 16 months. crazy inept SE.....
  9. Ghâshûl

    Ghâshûl Well-Known Member

    It'll likely be released earlier in Europe.
    One of the local carriers expects to have it in week 7. That may just be their own guess, but I doubt it'll be months later.
  10. utopial

    utopial Active Member

    current speculation: 19 Feb, UK,

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