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  1. mannydroid

    mannydroid Member

    Probably most of developers might not know how much pagers are still used and required on several hospitals around the country. Nowadays there is several different types of pagers, been the alphanumeric one way, I believe the most common. Usually in order for you to page a peer you need to use a local intranet or sometimes a webpage over the internet. A medical user developer already created an app for the Iphone that is very popular on the medical field, that what it does is basically you can create a address book and send pages from your phone as easy as send text message. I believe that there is no such a program for android, since all my peer with Iphone have the program and all the ones with android have to find a longer workaround.
    The program for iphone is called textpage (TextPage & TextPage Lite) and covers service for USAmobility, American messaging and Skytel.
    I am not a developer, but I believe that to an android programer, that will be a low difficulty app to develop and potentially very lucrative. Basically the app just use the free services on the websites of the providers to send the text you type and store a address book to make it easier. Some provider gives you the status of the message as well.
    The iphone developer have a free app to test in which you have to type the pager number each time, and he sells the one that stores address book.
    Im willing to help if testing is needed (I have USAmobility)
    Good luck and success

  2. mannydroid

    mannydroid Member

    Really? Thanks but no thanks...
    If you are that good and capable you should be able to spot an opportunity and make it happen before someone else does instead of trying to sell it before even exists... Good luck with your business, my Dear!!:D
  3. mills2533

    mills2533 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to test an app with you for paging. Send me a pm.
  4. mills2533

    mills2533 Well-Known Member

    I've made the Lite version for Android. The Pro version is on its way.

    A1 Pager (Lite)

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