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  1. woody1

    woody1 Member

    I'm happy to see a G Pad forum! This is the first one I've found in English.

    I still don't own one; I'm waiting for it to hit Best Buy stores in the US, hopefully on Nov 3. I noticed some French sites today that say that LG is offering a 50 Euro rebate starting in November. I don't know which retailers or which countries this includes.

    Maybe we'll see rebates in the US soon.

  2. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    Got mine a few days ago. Ordered from Best I freaking love this thing. I returned my new nexus 7 to buy it and am so glad I did. Costs a little more, but it's not really fair to compare prices with a nexus device anyways. I'd say this tablet is better in almost every way.
  3. oesjmr

    oesjmr New Member

    I walked into my local Best Buy yesterday and bought one. They weren't on display yet, but I told the sales staff that their website said that I could pick one up in store so they sold one to me. You might want to try your luck today, my location only had three in stock!

    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    How are you finding it, What is the screen,sound and build quality like? Thank you.
  5. katsika

    katsika Member

    basically its pretty amazing! its thin, it has a big screen with very good colors and hd videos look awesome.
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  6. davole

    davole New Member

    I liking mine!

    My first tablet experience!
  7. oesjmr

    oesjmr New Member

    Everything about this tablet has been awesome! The only thing that I have found lacking is the QuickRemote app...not many devices are supported.

    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    Just waiting for this to land on Amazon UK. The recommended retail price I believe, is between

    BOSSY_TX_CHICK Active Member

    Hey y'all!
    how can a forum about a tablet THIS good be THIS quiet? sad state affairs when a tablet offers this much and ticks just about every box (quality, performance, style, lightweight, sd card slot, lonnnnng battery life, beautiful screen @ a great price and can be paired with ANY android phone, etc, etc, etc) and barely creates a stir : (

  10. h8ytr

    h8ytr Member

    Hi all

    Ordered mine in the UK from Asda Direct for
  11. woody1

    woody1 Member

    The G Pad now has a dedicated forum on XDA.
  12. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Prolly 'cause all owners are thoroughly enjoying their G-PAD's,I imagine. :)
    I take the low volume of activity to be a good omen,will check back in when mine arrives (ETA 12/4/13).
  13. woody1

    woody1 Member

    Take a look at this forum:

    LG G Pad 8.3 - xda-developers
  14. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Just got it out of the box & initial set-up,nothing downloaded yet.

    Initial impression: VERY NICE!

    1) Size is perfect,not too wide,comfortable to hold w/one hand.

    2) Screen is beautiful/crisp/clear/vibrant/rich/choose your adjective,I like it A LOT.

    3) Smooth operation,diggin' the button layout choices,should be on stock ANDROID.

    4) Audio is the one area that seems a little flat,could be a bit louder.I believe I read this could be fixed/updated w/LG's desktop tool(s) (their version of SAMSUNG KIES,will check this out this weekend).

    Got a lot more tablet to go through,but,at this point,I think it's safe to say I made the right choice when compared to the NEXUS 7 2013 & SAMSUNG's GALAXY TAB 3 8.0 & NOTE 8.0.
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    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the overview, I've heard that some people find the screen brightness rather dim and they have to ramp up the brightness to almost 100%.

    What are your thoughts about this? What colour did you get. The black version looks like a fingerprint magnet
  16. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    I'm actually comparing the LG G-PAD 8.3 screen to the GALAXY TAB 3 8.0 as I'm posting this.

    I was considering keeping both until I came across your question regarding screen brightness (quality).

    In the as used position (looking straight on @the screen or slightly angled) the screen is brighter than the SAMSUNG.
    Only in an exaggerated/unrealistic viewing angle do you begin to lose brightness & even then, nothing to complain about. Text is legible & you don't lose sight/focus of objects on the screen.

    As for the color choice, I uncharacteristically pondered getting the white model, due to the reasons you stated,reviewers stating the same, regarding prints/smudging.
    I chose the black & kinda regret it for that reason, white is definitely the way to go, especially if you're gonna use w/o a case or portfolio.

    A skin would probably also take care of these concerns. I attempted to install one & messed it up beyond usability. Got two more on hand to give this a go. From previous experience w/skins on aluminum bodied devices, I kept one on my HTC ONE & actually preferred the look/feel over the bare metal. It hid the prints/smudging well, skin was from XTREME GUARD , as are the ones I have for the G-PAD.

    I'm totally diggin' the G-PAD. This makes my 4th tablet (XYBOARD 10.1/HISENSE SERO 7 PRO/GALAXY TAB 3 8.0) & while each has their own unique qualities, the G-PAD is easily the best all-around out of the bunch, the XYBOARD & HISENSE tied for 2nd,XB for build quality,HISENSE for value, w/the GT3 8.0 bringing up the rear, does a LOT,but, none of it top-shelf, notably the screen quality.

    The LG G-PAD does everything well. The only knocks I have on it are a stretch:
    Lacking Wireless Charging & NFC. Not deal breakers, though the wireless charging woulda been nice since I have those all around the house.
    I suppose network/carrier connectivity would be nice as well. If this is important to you, I'd wait a bit for a possible model becoming available. I already have 2.5 GB/mo. Free tethering, so, this was a non-starter for me.

    I'm liking this tablet enough to where it has me wondering if I made the right decision when choosing the NOTE 3 over the LG G2..........
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    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    This tablet has been calling me since it was announced at IFA. I think 8 inch tablets are the way to go but unfortunately the specs of tablets from Samsung didn't impress me, especially the Note 8 which should have been a killer device like its smaller sized siblings.

    In the UK, there are only a few retailers selling the G pad and they are mostly online which means there isn't the opportunity to hold one in my hand and play with it.

    Therefore, I'm forum jumping from here to XDA to see how people are finding this device before I commit myself to getting one. :D
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  18. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    If you get a chance to try a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 8.0, the overall outer dimensions are nearly identical, especially the width.
    If it's comfortable to hold the G-TAB 3 8.0,you'll be OK w LG's G-PAD 8.3

    Some might dismiss this spec,but,I've found it to be a subtle/subconscious one that'll affect the overall satisfaction w/a tablet.
    Only exception being is if you solely plan on keeping it in a portfolio w/a handstrap,then I suppose it won't matter as much.
    Basically, if you don't like holding it,you won't use it.I found that out w/my XYBOARD 10.1.
    A beautiful tablet,well constructed,smooth as butter,but,it was more than a handful.....two hands full,as I posted in another forum here.
    So,it sat for weeks at a time w/o use.

    I wish you could get your hands on a LG G-PAD 8.3 to try before you buy.

    I'll get some pix up later today........ ;)
  19. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Here's a few pix of the screen brightness of the LG G-PAD 8.3 vs the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 8.0 (LG on the left)

    PIX were taken at 100%-50%-AUTO.

    The SAMSUNG may appear to be brighter,& I suppose it is,but not by much.I'll take the sharpness/color accuracy of the LG vs the SAMSUNG every time.

    You'll notice,the SAMSUNG is much darker on auto,I've seen this trait at least as far back as the GALAXY S3 & is also present on the NOTE 3 & NOTE 8,it's a joke.

    LG's AUTO brightness actually works very well & adjusts as it's supposed to.




    BTW,PIX were taken w/the NOTE 3,my 1st PIX uploaded to the forum. :turtle::slug::congrats::D
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