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green light

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  1. The Third

    The Third Active Member

    My Moto Droid used to have a green light that would flash if and when I received an e mail. Now it no longer flashes when I receive mail. can this option be turned on / off and if so.....how?

  2. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    System settings, Sound & display settings, checkybox Pulse notification light.
  3. The Third

    The Third Active Member

    My droid does not have "Pulse display notification"
  4. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Are you running stock firmware?
  5. stedrocklp

    stedrocklp Well-Known Member

    There is an app called "Missed Call" and you can adjust for missed calls, sms, email and so on. It works ok.

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