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Green Screen when playing videosSupport

  1. BarbDrake

    BarbDrake New Member

    Is anyone else having problems viewing videos on the LG Enlighten? When my daughter sends videos to me I can hear them, but get a green screen and cannot view them. It seemed to work at first but then all of a sudden this happened.

    I can view you tube videos and movie trailers on my flixter app.

  2. cmckinley

    cmckinley New Member


    I have had the same problem and have been trying to get it fixed for three weeks. It started right after I got the phone. I am on my third phone as of yesterday and the green screen started again last night. Not sure what the problem is but I am very frustrated. I think it is some type of software incompatibility issue. Let me know if you find a solution.
  3. BarbDrake

    BarbDrake New Member

    Let me know as well if you find a fix. I am glad that I sent the refurbished phone back that they tried to send me. I was afraid it would happen again. I would rather keep my brand new phone than accept a refurbished phone and still have the same problem.

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