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  1. jus001

    jus001 New Member

    This is new for me..... however, I think you all may know more than I right now.... I've recently purchased a new samsung replinish. Things were going very well until, a message appeared (phone storage space is low). I deleted all pictures and games. It is still lingering ?d I'm lost for solutions..... any suggestions?

  2. hnsnyder

    hnsnyder New Member

    I've been having the same problems. I deleted the Facebook app and that helped. I also keep deleting the Google Play Books installed updates, but they just re-install again later. Wish I could move contacts and the apps that came with the phone to the SD card but don't know a way - stuck with them.

    Any ideas anyone?
  3. joshbdoc

    joshbdoc New Member

    One of my favorite applications is called ZDbox and it has a couple of different utilities within it. There's a tool to move applications to the SD Card and there's a System Cleaner within it to clean out application caches. Try it out and see if it's helpful.
  4. hnsnyder

    hnsnyder New Member

    Okay, I just tried this app - didn't work. It added another nearly 3 MBs to my phone memory that couldn't be moved to my card and then it said that no apps can be moved to my card. I've already moved all the apps that it has let me move. :confused:
  5. Infamous Ob

    Infamous Ob New Member

    Installing the Facebook App is unnecessary unless you're a heavy-user; (meaning that you are on Facebook everyday). The mobile website is more than enough to handle your Facebook needs if your just checking-in, sending messages and commenting on friends pics, posts, etc. Also consider using Facebook's Mobile Texting feature which allows you to update your Facebook Status, Add friends and a few other things through Texting to Facebook.

    The Contacts can be stored on your SD Card, but they can ONLY be used while on the actual phone's memory.

    What I do is press: Menu+m and open up the Manage Applications. Go to Downloaded and Force Stop everything I'm not using at the moment. Then I go over "All", "On SD card" and "Running" and do the same thing. When I'm done I go over my RAM at the bottom of the screen to compare my numbers. I like to have atleast 300MB Free showing in the "Running" section. My Replenish runs well after that. And every now and then, I'll go back in and make sure to go into the "All" section and clear out cache's on Browser, Email and Gmail since I use those alot. And sometimes Messaging.

    Hope this helps.
  6. hnsnyder

    hnsnyder New Member

    Thanks - appreciate the suggestions. I have to basically keep clearing out the cache on the same things you mention and continually uninstall the updates on Google Play Books, but the stupid thing just keeps re-installing the updates again, usually within a day. Wish I could permanently delete Google Play Books along with the YouTube & ThinkFree Office apps. :(
  7. Infamous Ob

    Infamous Ob New Member

    Yeah, Google Books and Think Free are pre-installed with the phone, we're stuck with them unless we Root which would allow more control of the phone to delete/add, etc. But for now, with Think Free, you can just uninstall the updates, and as for Google Books, you just have to make sure it's Force Stopped and constantly clear your cache's.
  8. hnsnyder

    hnsnyder New Member

    Know how to root this phone because I tried one method I found online and it wouldn't work?
  9. Infamous Ob

    Infamous Ob New Member

    Try the "All Things Root" thread at the top of this Samsung Repleneish Forum. I don't know but you could try the other threads on here. Maybe in the Samsung section.

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