Greetings! Recently Started Android Development, Creating GO SMS Themes, Apps

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    Nov 8, 2012
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    Hi everyone! I have recently begun developing for Android (currently have a Galaxy SII / SGH-i777), and am learning Java, thus far playing with Eclipse. I have done some programming before in C++ and (Visual) Basic, and am enjoying this experience.

    I have started with creating themes for GO SMS Pro (an awesome messaging program to 'upgrade' from the Android stock SMS, if you are not already familiar with it).
    I currently have two themes, with more coming very soon, and will be creating apps in the near future.

    I see I am not yet able to post images (...or are attachments functioning..?) or links as per antieous-spameous measures of this being my first post on these forums, but if you'd like to check them out,
    search 'Sacred Geometry' on Google Play (as of this post, I have an Orion Nebula theme, and a Rainbow Hearts theme, with more coming possibly as soon as tomorrow). And feedback is appreciated!

    Happy to be here! :hello:

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