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Grey circle with "x" in text messages?Support

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  1. bbyxmina

    bbyxmina Member

    Does anyone know what the grey circle with the "x" means? I've been trying to figure it out and haven't found any sources on it. Thanks in advance. :)


  2. *ecko

    *ecko Member

    Probably to erase that thread or convo is my guess
  3. bbyxmina

    bbyxmina Member

    But why would it be on just random contacts and not the rest of them? And why would they want me to erase the thread/convo?
  4. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    What happens if you select one of them?
  5. bbyxmina

    bbyxmina Member

    Nothing happens. It just opens up the convo regularly but I feel as if the people with the "x" on their name didn't receive my text or something. It's weird.
  6. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    That just means that that person is a sync'd contact (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc..) and not currently online. If he/she were online there would be a green circle.
    bbyxmina likes this.
  7. bbyxmina

    bbyxmina Member

    Ohhhh! Okay thank you so much! But this might sound really idiotic, but all the people with the circle and x are all iphone users. Does that make a difference for anything?
  8. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Not really. :)
  9. bbyxmina

    bbyxmina Member

    Thank you again!
  10. erinb323

    erinb323 New Member

    OH my goodness! I've been searching for an answer to this for 2 months!! No one has said this before, it makes total sense. The three contacts I have with the "x" are linked to Tango. :D
  11. LeAn31

    LeAn31 New Member

    I have found this to not be true. None of the ppl in my text list are connected to any social link or to tango and I still get the grey circle with x. Does anyone else know what this is?

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