Grocery/Bill App - Adds and gives total on the fly?

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  1. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    No idea if this exists, pretty specific I guess.
    Sure I can pull up the calculator, but maybe this will give you a better idea.

    An app where can type, while in the store, apples - $3 -- milk - @2.00, etc...
    and it would add up the total on the fly. This way I can look at my little list and simply stop when I hit my budget or remove items/replace on the fly.

    I hope this makes sense.
    Let me know and thanks

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  2. alnova1

    alnova1 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this does all of what your looking for but It seems like it can give you a rough total.. Grocery Sum - Android app on AppBrain I also found this one that might be even better..
  3. BookLover

    BookLover Well-Known Member

    I use Grocery iQ - Android app on AppBrain

    You can put your shopping list in it and then just add the cost as you go along. Check the items and they get added to the "checkout" list at the bottom. If you go overbudget, you can un-check the item and it adds it back to the live list at the top for the next time you go shopping :)

    It's free.
  4. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I use excel with auto sum. I don't use it for groceries, but for bills.
  5. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    I use for bills and love it.
    Did the excel thing for bills and no doubt it works, but a pain and I like the phone sync.

    Thanks for the grocery app suggestions, the IQ one looks like it would work best, have to play around with it.

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