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  1. erum

    erum Member

    Hola Amegos,

    I want to know how to send sms in bulk, I mean i want to select few folks and want to send texts to them only in one click as you all are aware with group messages i am unable to find add people in groups. kindly let me know i am waiting for response thanks.

  2. erum

    erum Member

    OH MY GOD nobody is replying of my thread. hay there, all are sleeping :( buck up helllllloooooo.
  3. erum

    erum Member

    i am numb 114 reviews of my thread but nobody is replied cool forum init....
  4. 700hpAMG

    700hpAMG New Member

    groupme and gosms are your options. I can say that gosms has significant flaws: 1) Very very slow with group messaging. 2) When you delete a SMS thread, that user automatically is added as the sender of ANY SMS you receive from anyone ELSE after. Trying out groupme.
  5. we can group sms by default app messanging app in htc explorer :D :D but i dont know why it create separate thread for group message not just add the message to the contact thread. how can i separate that? and how to take screenshot of phone?

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