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  1. Redbeard16

    Redbeard16 Member

    I am a manager for a soccer team and send out group text messages on a daily basis for practice and games. Right now i have a app for iphone that I use. I want to upgrade to the Galaxy s3. I have looked at other post and cannot find out what I am looking for. I need a app or if the galaxy s3 does this on its own. I need to be able to make 7 different groups with about 10-12 contacts in each group. I want to send out the text and when the group replies I only want it to come back to me only not the whole group. I have access to a android and tried getting Group Me app. I gives out a different Phone # and when the group replies everyone get it to.
    Any ideas????

  2. Redbeard16

    Redbeard16 Member

    I am guessing that this is somethat the galaxy s3 or an app somewhere out there can do this right??
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    You can make groups using the Contacts in the phone dialer. Once done you should be able to send bulk text to the group from your Contacts.
  4. Redbeard16

    Redbeard16 Member

    GTWalling, I have read this before on the forum. I also read read that there is only a 10 limit contact per group. Does this sound right? Do you know if when you send out the text message to the group and somebody replies to it does everybody in the group recevies the reply or only you the sender?
  5. Bloomy6

    Bloomy6 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure you can have more than 10 contacts. I also think the replies only come back to you.
  6. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

    Handcent SMS has this feature.
  7. Redbeard16

    Redbeard16 Member

    Has anybody tried Handcent SMS? Can anybody confirm if this works?
  8. dtucci99

    dtucci99 New Member

    I've been trying this all day as well - Handcent has the feature but does not seem to be working on the SIII

    I use this for work as all my coworkers use group text from their iphone and it always goes out to them individually and back to me individually as an mms. It's driving me crazy can anyone help?
  9. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    Try Verizon messaging in Google play. Fixed the back and forth group problem for me on droid x...haven't tried ut on the s3 yet.
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  10. dtucci99

    dtucci99 New Member

    I'm a sprint carrier - won't let me download verizon messaging. Any other advice?

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