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Grouping/Hiding Contacts

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  1. sidhene

    sidhene New Member

    Between syncing my Contacts (default app that comes w/ phone) with my Google, Facebook, and Twitter contacts; I now have a HUMONGOUS list on my phone. I like the synced contacts because I actually use all these sites regularly and have people on different "channels" that I need to see all in one place and communicate with from my handheld. But the giant list is really becoming a problem. Depending on what I'm doing at the time, a large percentage of the contacts on my screen are irrelevant (although they may be very relevant when I'm in a different headspace) and it's bothersome to sort through them. Also, it increases my chances of accidentally sending something embarrassing to the wrong person.

    What I need is a way to sort my contacts, hide the groups I don't use, and be able to access short, topical ("relatives" for example, "buddies" and "clients"). This function is already present as "Favorites", but I need more categories than that.

    I can't be the only person with this problem, and I imagine there's an app for it. What do people use?

  2. sidhene

    sidhene New Member

    Just to be clear, I know I can hide some Google Contacts groups under "menu > display settings". This doesn't solve my problem because I have contacts from different accounts (Twitter, Facebook, work email, etc.) that should be displayed together and display settings treats each account as a separate list
  3. you can go to your gmail account and manage contacts that way. Sort them and everything else.
  4. getndun

    getndun New Member

    my gmail addresses are sorted last name, first name but on the Droid they are first name, last name- any suggestions? I have synced them and it still won't update.
  5. that has been the bain of my existence, too, I have to have them sorted by last name.

    There is a display option in your gmail account that you can sort by first name or last name.

    I still had a few that were weird, and I just go in individually and reaarange it.

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