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  1. alisterdon

    alisterdon New Member

    i have a galaxy 5 and i want to use gprs on it. i have the required grps settings but im not able to connect. if i enable the "always-on mobile data" it connects to edge. how do i connect to gprs instead?

  2. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    Why do you want to connect to GPRS? It does the same thing as EDGE. Only slower.
  3. alisterdon

    alisterdon New Member

    well, thats because edge costs me a fortune! im charged for every kb downloaded. whereas for gprs i have 100mb free download daily.
  4. cristi

    cristi Member

    go to settings, then wierless and network then mobile networks then u will see an option for exclusive 2g network witch you have to click and your all set.
  5. alisterdon

    alisterdon New Member

    thank you very much. actually its my own silliness. i didnt realise that whatever charges i incur for using gprs, is the same for edge. so i'll just stick to edge. thanks again :)

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