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GS2 i9100G stops working, screen goes red and phone won't respondSupport

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  1. KsTrO168

    KsTrO168 New Member

    hello everyone!
    i live in Venezuela and bought an S2 back in march online because Samsung doesn't officially sell the phone here. at the moment, i didn't notice that it wasn't a normal S2 but rather the G variant. near the 20th of august, the phone died. i was using the music player with the phone locked, when the song ended, i tried to wake it to change the song but the phone wouldn't respond. i restarted the phone, but as it was booting up (with the S logo going round) the screen locked and took on a reddish hue and became stuck like that. after that, i took out the battery and tried to start it up again but the phone only heated up and drained the battery. i took the phone to a couple of samsung's official reapir shops and they told me the phone was dead.

    however, i got home and plugged the phone in and it started back up, only without any information on it, as if i had just taken it out of the box. then, 3 minutes later, the same red hue came on and the phone died again. it seems that if i wait a couple of hours before reinserting the battery i can revive the phone for a few minutes. i've changed the software from gingerbread to ics and back again many times, even changing the PIT using odin, but it still keeps failing.

    the company i bought it from gave me a 3 month warranty and the phone died 2 months after it expired, and Samsung Venezuela won't take my phone because it doesn't sell the S2 here, much less the G variant.

    is there anything i can do to get my phone back?

    (i've got pictures of the red screen if anybody wants them, i just can't post them yet because i'm a new member)

  2. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Well-Known Member

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  3. KsTrO168

    KsTrO168 New Member

    thanks SCPadgeebar, here are the pics of the screen


  4. KsTrO168

    KsTrO168 New Member

    anybody? I could really use the help please
  5. Maybe it's damaged by some water that came into your phone.
  6. KsTrO168

    KsTrO168 New Member

    Nope, it's never gotten wet and it hasn't fallen from anywhere

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