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  1. jbutah

    jbutah Member

    For some reason this morning I noticed my phone did not have a signal in my office, where it normally does. I went to settings, about phone and status and saw it had signal strength but was not connected. I then noticed that it said the network was T mobile. A simple power on/off got the phone back to At&t and working again, but I am wondering why it was on the T mobile network. Is there something I could have accidentally done to switch the networks. Anyone else have this happen?

  2. sparky4017

    sparky4017 Member

    I have had strange issues with at&t not only on the samsung but on my wife's iphone i have 3g service where i live when we go somewhere that has 4g things get strange a reboot fixes it i think it's at&t :D
  3. rivenfire

    rivenfire New Member

    On my Sprint SG2 everything will work fine, i'll leave my phone down awhile just pick it up out of the blue and see that its disconnected from service (call service and 3g/4g) wifi will still be there but service is down and its stuck searching... anyone else having this issue?
  4. Release88

    Release88 New Member

    I think i have the same issues as you. I love this phone (GS2) so much. I am new to Android. Everything is prefect with this phone. The only thing doesn't work was "Mobile network no available". I can't make or receive phone call.

    My carries is AT&T, i have been calling them for 4 days. Everytime i call them, they only ask me to turn it off, take of the battery and turn it back on. After i did that, my phone will start working. After i left my phone 15, 20 mins, it stop working again. Sigh... ~~ Honestly i really love this phone. But i can't use it as phone. All other weak wifi, and battery life i can deal with it. But if a phone can't receive a call, and make a call.. I don't know should i still keep this. Does anyone has that experience?? Please let me know, i really want to stay with GS2.

    Thanks everyone.
  5. DaveTec

    DaveTec Active Member

    Exact same issue. Gonna RMA the damn thing in the morning. Unnacceptable. I came from an EVO, and want it back. F' this G2...... hate the interface, hate the no HTC sync thing. I've had it almost a month and I still can't sync the damn thing......
  6. scottwood2

    scottwood2 New Member

    Well, I think I have the same problem here. It was working fine then I noticed at work that the signal was gone. I am in a metal building so that happens. Went to another area where I know i get signal and still nothing. Waited 15 minutes after I left work and still no signal. Powered down and back on, then it worked fine. Just bought this on BF. Today was the first day at work with it. I hope this gets fixed. Is it a software or hardware issue?
  7. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    My GS2 was doing this every week. I would look at the phone and see I had no service or the phone would ring then stop abruptly, again with no service. Sometimes it comes back on it's own, other times a reboot is needed. I took the back cover off, took out the sim card, lightly cleaned it and reseated it back in the phone. My card is getting old as it was in my Captivate previously but since I did this two weeks ago, it has not happened again. Could just be a coincedence.
  8. jbutah

    jbutah Member

    Mine began saying the SIM card had been removed, turning on/off got it working again but it happened at least twice a day. I went to the AT&T store and they gave me a new SIM card, it has been working fine for 10 days now.
  9. jbutah

    jbutah Member

    Well it seems to be happening again. I looked at my phone yesterday afternoon and it had no signal. Turned it off and back on and immediately received the numerous text and calls I had missed all day. Now I feel like I have to constantly look at my phone to see if it is connected. When I got a new SIM card at the AT&T store they said if it kept happening I would have to call an 800 number to get it worked out. I am not looking forward to this but I think I may have to call. Anyone else continuing to have this issue?
  10. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    Mine is doing it again also! You see the circle telling you no power but mine does come back without a reboot, still irritating and an obvious issue. Is this a hardware or software problem?

  11. jbutah

    jbutah Member

    Not sure. I am going to call at lunch today and see if I can get it figured out. I will post any info I get.
  12. jbutah

    jbutah Member

    Just got off the phone with AT&T. They sent the phone some firmware settings or something, not really sure. She said that should fix it. Although, I don't think she understood what exactly the problem was. She seemed to think I was having a problem with dropping calls and not getting texts on time. I kept telling her that was not it, but I think she was just going down a trouble shoot checklist or something. Then she sent a test text message and said "it appears to be working" and I just gave up. I think I will be calling back soon. I love how the AT&T store passes you along to an 800 number when problems start popping up.
  13. Shermo

    Shermo New Member

    I'm having the exact same issue. Phone loses signal and I haven't been able to determine exactly when and why it happens.
    Sometimes turning the phone off and back on will work. Some other times I need to remove the batery to get the signal back.

    I would like to add that I live in Mexico, so it definetely isn't a specific carrier problem, it has to do with the phone itself. Anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE post it.
  14. OwnIt

    OwnIt New Member

    I can confirm the same problem here in australia on the Telstra Network after just upgrading to 4.0.3
  15. Pooh pooh

    Pooh pooh New Member

    And I can confirm the same problem in south Africa on MTn network

    I suspect problem with manufacturer and they ware not prepared to acknowledge
  16. sgstwo

    sgstwo New Member

    Is it hardware problem or software?

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