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GS3 Case discussion threadTips

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  1. luckywabbit

    luckywabbit Member

    I got mine from Amazon with the Prime Shipping for 12.95 on Thursday. I did notice it went up 2 bucks the next day. I think the company selling it was CTSpace or something like that.

  2. bennybbc

    bennybbc Well-Known Member

    One question could be how much protection do you need for your phone? Or maybe it could be worded such as does the thickest case available provide any more practical protection than a medium thick TPU case? Will wearing 3 sets of seat belts hold you into your car seat any more than wearing one? My shiny black TPU case I had on my Droid X protected it from numerous 4' to 6'+ falls to concrete/asphalt without even leaving a mark on the phone or the case. Was a thicker or more armored case necessary? Not for me but if I worked or played where the phone might drop from 12' or higher I can imagine where a much thicker case might actually be useful.

    Another factor is that if the outer shell popped off of the soft part of the case it might serve to help dissipate some of the energy of the fall. Many race cars are designed to come apart in an crash for this very reason. I would think that if the outer shell came off in the initial impact the soft case would protect it after that.

  3. funkpod

    funkpod Well-Known Member

    i bought the same case! (but w/ blue sides)

    glad you like yours, i still have not received mine yet, hopefully monday! i have no case at all right now...

    do you have any "real" pics of yours? thanks!

  4. bembol

    bembol Member

    I have INCIPIO feather series for all 4 of my Super Phones.

    I have mix feeling about it, I have that it's not wrapped all the way round the device but it's my favorite because it also includes a Screen Protector.
  5. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

    Just picked up an Otter Box Commuter case with a Zagg HD screen protector. Waiting for my Steinheil Crystal full coverage screen protector to be shipped out.
  6. Wizard Prang

    Wizard Prang Well-Known Member

    ^^ this
  7. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    I decided to try the black Plasti-Dip spray, but first I tested it on some old PDA cases I have. I liked the result very much, so went ahead and used it on the Commuter's hard shell. This picture shows it with 3 coats. It really doesn't look much different IMO, but it sure does lessen the slipperiness of the case's surface! It goes on very much like spray paint, in a nice fine layer while spraying. In 4 hours I can put it into service. :)

    Attached Files:

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  8. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    These look like they might be able to use the belt clip with the screen facing away from it:


  9. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    I have used this cases in the past and I don't really care for them. They are cheap but I just don't like the feel of them.
  10. JNL7974

    JNL7974 New Member

    I bought this TPU case from ebay for $3.85. From CA to TX, it took about 3 days via priority mail.
    I'm also going to get the Otterbox Commuter once they release more colors.


  11. bluejava2

    bluejava2 Member

    I bought this case on Friday from AT&T. I also had the OB Commuter and needed a holster and noted the case buttons were hard to press. The Ballistic fits perfectly, and the case buttons worked wonders. The only "flaw" that I'm still unsure of is whether the lower right part of the case near the back button is a design issue as I'm not having 100% success hitting the back button with the case on. Unlike the S2, I've had no issues whatsoever with the back button with the OB case on.

    I have the pebble blue S3 fitted into a white/grey Ballistic; AT&T didn't have the blue/dark blue and I didn't want to wait as I wanted a durable case for my S3 as I got this on Friday.
  12. jadamuah1573

    jadamuah1573 New Member

  13. cgull

    cgull Member

    I got the same one today. Started with the flip one but that didn't last long as the flip cover degrades the interaction with the phone. I was also looking at Seidio and Incipio but the Belkin seams to match color better for the blue. Wish it was matte finish instead of shiny though. The Surface Amethyst looks too purple and the Feather Purple doesn't cover the buttons.
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  14. rjtim

    rjtim Well-Known Member

  15. dennygreen

    dennygreen Well-Known Member

    I have the grey/dark grey silacrylic case. It feels really nice, and looks good on my blue gs3.

    The screen protector that comes with it feels really good, but the sides are peeling up. I'd recommend looking for a different one. I'm gonna try a invisishield HD I guess.
  16. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member


    Have the same Incipio case with a Phantomskinz matte full body kit (actually used the clear screen on the front, but matte on the back) and it hasn't peeled, but then again it is a wet protector that I let dry overnight.

    I did not use the screen protector included with the Incipio.
  17. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    I have the Incipio Feather case and its exactly what I was looking for in a case. Its extremely slim and gives the phone a perfect feel in my hand. I know I am not in the norm when I say this, but I can't stand any case of silicone or TPU. I just think it makes the phone seem cheap and I don't like how it feels.

    Any slim Incipio case or Case-Mate are a must get for anyone looking for what I want in a case. I don't usually go for cheap cases for my laptop or phone. they are extremely expensive devices and I am going to give them good quality cases.

    Link to the Incipio - Samsung Galaxy S III feather
  18. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Well-Known Member

    ordered the Seidio Active Black tonight, all the reviews say it's the way to go!
  19. phatbass30

    phatbass30 Well-Known Member

    there's a shop here in bangkok that does custom hand made films for just about anything. my old macbook pro was wrapped in cevlar film before, it lasted for many years until now. my macbook air now is wrapped with a matte transparent film for over a year now. so i brought my S3 yesterday and did it too. its a great scratch protection, just don't drop it. :D

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  20. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    I like these skins companies are doing. And I like the one you got. I have a skin from Stickerboy.net on my Ipad and I love it. It protects it but gives it that "naked" feel to the device. My pet peeve is like buying a super nice phone and throwing this huge case on it to protect it. I will never see the phone and how good it lucks. Like when I bought the S3 I left it without a case for a couple days to enjoy it. I see people's iphone's all the time in these huge Otterbox cases. They never get to enjoy the design. Anyone else hate this about cases? This is why I always buy the most slim and less protective case money can buy. [​IMG]
  21. phatbass30

    phatbass30 Well-Known Member

    i agree with you, i'm an OCD with cases even before when i was an iphone fanboy. but i realized i always end up using the slimmest case or sometimes just the body film. like you, i really like the slim feel of a nice and sexy phone, i also like the way it looks so i end up removing the case most times. so i'm sticking to just body protective films. anyways, i only dropped a phone i think 5 times in my life. knock on wood!:D
  22. cedjunior

    cedjunior Well-Known Member

    Just ordered a Seidio Surface for $20 from ebay. I really don't like using cases but this phone is too slippery after a while.
  23. Jaxx89

    Jaxx89 Active Member

    Tha Amazon one with the kickstand looks amazing.
    Sadly it cannot be shipped anywhere outside the USA
    Have found something similar tho not as good looking.


    Also looking at this one....but kinda confused coz I want the kickstand
  24. ImpulsebuyerNy

    ImpulsebuyerNy Well-Known Member

  25. dervari

    dervari Well-Known Member

    I think it may have to do with the screen protector. I have had the same issue. I tried without the screen protector and it worked flawlessly. However, after using the case a bit I don't seem to be experiencing the back button issue as much.

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