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  1. A_Hzn

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    Nov 18, 2012
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    Hi All,

    I had purchased a new GS3 on July, 4 months ago.
    the phone seemed to work just fine for the first 3 months,
    then it sometimes just shut down by itself, i thought it was something that
    i did or a battery problem so i did not give it so much attention.

    on October 30 the phone suddenly shut down and since then will not turn on,
    if i connect it to the power the following caption appears "Galaxy S3 i9300"
    and that's it.

    can you please advice what can cause such problem?
    I was suggested it might connect to the motherboard?

    Hope you can suggest the reason since the place from where i purchased refuse to help and avoid replace it.

  2. SUroot

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    May 25, 2010
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    Contact samsung directly then.

    First try factory reset. Hold volume up and home then press power to turn on. Should take you to recovery. If it does not or a factory reset does not help, it is a fault.

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