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  1. JDMRavi

    JDMRavi New Member

    Hello, so last night I had and update for what I believe to be an andriod update and after my GS4 rebooted it was saying that it couldn't read the SD card and it was damaged and to try and reformat it. Its the standard samsung 8gb SD card. Can you guys help me on this problem? I'm on sprint if that helps.


  2. jaydo

    jaydo New Member

    I have a similar problem on my GS4. The phone saying my memory card is under write protection but when i try to reformat the card it is not write protected.

    Someone please help
  3. abevuk

    abevuk Active Member

    Not much help I'm sure but I've had S3, note 2 and now the S4. My 64gb card has corrupted in every device....getting a tad expensive now!
  4. Tware

    Tware Well-Known Member

    the Sandisk Class 10 32 gig (legit local retail purchase) that worked well in my GS3 immediately started corrupting pics taken with the GS4. :( Also, several games that write huge files/resources to the SD when first run failed repeatedly. I took the card out and cleaned the contacts with a cloth and reseated it several times. And the games installed/ran.. but I haven't been brave enough to send pics to SD again
  5. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I was getting the same messages as the OP. I have the Note 2 and so far 2 system updates have killed 2 32GB Class 10 SanDisks cards. It's kind of hard for me to not think the updates had anything to do with it since both cards worked flawlessly before.

    I don't know what cards I'll buy next but I know it's not SanDisk.

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