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  1. geoman87

    geoman87 New Member

    Hallo guys,

    I am a new owner of an HTC Evo 3D rooted...
    My Rom is Leedroid_3D_V4.5 with sense 3.6

    I made a qiuck search and I saw that my Rom is qiute old and in many forums they adviced me to go to an ICS Rom...

    The only problem is that I am a little noob to rooting and I am a Bit of affraid to do sth that might cause dmg to my phone..

    I dont have any problems with my rom everything working perfect (except maybe the battery which drains kind fast but as I saw thats a common problem of the device)..

    Whats your opinion should I moved in another Rom or what??

    And if yes could you suggest me a stable full working rom???

    Thank you...

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Are you s on,or s off? What hboot do you have currently?
  3. geoman87

    geoman87 New Member

    Hey Scotty,thanks for your answer..

    I am S-OFF and my hboot is 1.49
    I also have 4ext installed if that's usefull..

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