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[GSM] Restarting problem

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  1. Pongo15

    Pongo15 New Member

    i got hboot 1.53.007 and S-ON ... few months ago i successfully put KingCobra3D - ICS... and it all worked well. today i tryed to put CyanogenMod 10 - Disarmed Toaster and my phone just keeps restarting and restarting.... i put back KingCobra3D - ICS ,but again it just keeps restarting... any help????

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sounds like you didn't change your kernel. Stock and aosp are definately not compatible.

    You'll need to restore a backup that's compatible with your current kernel,or you'll need to install a compatible kernel(boot image)for cm10.

    I can go into more detail later,if needed. :)

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