GSM ( Unlocked or ATT ) w/ QWERTY

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  1. ccrun1800

    ccrun1800 Active Member

    My daily driver is the EVO but my work uses ATT. We do alot of texting at work and the phone they issue off is of a clam shell design. It has possibly the worst word predictor ever and thusly makes texting a nightmare.

    All right what I want: A cheap ( under $100 ) gsm phone that can be used on the AT&T network. It needs to have a qwerty and thats pretty much it. Thanks for anbody that stops by.

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Are you looking for an android phone or just ANY GSM/A&TT phone?

    I've got a spare Nokia E71x sitting around (actually brother-in-law is using it for the next week bc he lost his iphone) that would work.

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