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  1. azazeal

    azazeal New Member

    Hy. in the first line i wish to tell you that: my english is very bad :D i`ll hope that u will understand what i`m trying to say.

    I have an gsmart 1310 with android vers 2.2.2 (dual sim)
    i want to know why this os use 156 mb instead of 256 mb, to fix some glitches about touchscreen or keyboard i don`t know what is guilty.
    and root this phone for management memory usage.. is lagging.. slow..

    i`ll hope u`ll have patient and understanding on your part, i have not posted on the forums so far..

    Best regards.

  2. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    Did you have a 1310 phone? How it works? It have a trackpoint or whatever?

    Thank you
  3. azazeal

    azazeal New Member

    the phone have the trackpoint but doesn`t work.. and radio fm it`s available and working very good..
    the gsmart 1310 it`s not like a galaxy (about performance/ dual sim etc)... it is less efficient and therefore I want to do a root (256 ram but sable 156mb)
  4. kiwiscole

    kiwiscole Member

    its not a trackpoint, its a home button. The screen problem is caused by dirt around the outer edge of the screen. Clean it out with sterilised alcohol wipes, make sure its very clean, and the screen problems will stop.

    use OneClickRoot, to root, and delete "people" and "wether" apps to improve performance and battery life.

    Good luck... the phone is a piece of crap, but we do what we can in a bad situation.

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