GT-I5500 wont connect via USBSupport

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  1. dougmonkey

    dougmonkey New Member


    I am trying to connect my GT-I5500 to my PC to update it and transfer contacts etc. When i connect the USB cable to the phone it makes the noise to show it is plugged in but nothing else happens. Kies doesn't see it and i don't get any messages on the phone saying Kies mode or Mass storage device.

    this is driving me insane as i cannot find any solutions anywhere. no one else seems to have the same thing. I don't even have a "USB Settings" option in any of my menus. I have enabled USB debugging but that seems to have done bugger all.

    Please could anyone help me out?
    thanks in advance

  2. naxster

    naxster Member

    Have you tried to connect it with another computer?

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