GT-i5800 dosent navigate offline with Google maps 5.0Support

  1. marko5x

    marko5x New Member

    i installed Google maps 5.0 on my GT-i5800 and if i have WiFi turned on it navigates perfectly, but without wifi it dosent.

    My friend has HTC legend and he can navigate offline, but i cant, what might be the problem?

  2. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    I'm sure Gmaps has no facility to navigate offline. I did see an app in the market that claimed to add this feature, but don't recall the name, and never tested it.
    My works fine over 3G, which is available 99% when I'm driving so all works fine.
  3. marko5x

    marko5x New Member

    Google maps 5.0 is made to navigate offline(without WiFi or 3g) it downloads maps nad navigate after them...
    Friend, i was talking about, has blocked 3g and has no wifi, but hes available to navigate.
  4. RyDeR`

    RyDeR` Active Member

    Same problem, I was never be able to use my GPS via satellite since I bought this phone. Anyone has a solution? GPS Booster doesn't work either.
  5. j0nb0y

    j0nb0y Active Member

    i think there is an option in application management to 'pre-fetch' tiles. i think this might be what you mean. maps 5.0 doesn't work off line in the traditional sense but can pre-fetch and store offline data in a cache so that when you make your journey you don't need to be on line.

    can anybody confirm this?
  6. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    i can't find that option anywhere....
  7. j0nb0y

    j0nb0y Active Member

    it's in the app itself, so my mistake. but whilst in the app itself click on settings>>more>>cache settings there is a 'pre-fetch' even when not on wi-fi option. and also a clear cache. my cache is currently just over 1mb so i'm guessing that is the last journey i did.

    i think if you click that and configure your journey, even if you are not on wi-fi it will start to pre-fetch and cache your journey so that if you loose network coverage during your journey, you will be safe.

    obviously this is a different concept to traditional sat nav where the maps are pre-loaded, so for instance if you lost network coverage and wanted to program a new route once you'd reached your initial destination then you'd be stuck!

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